Zurich Filmfunds official language is German. On this page you will find all the basic informations about our Fund but all applications and dossiers have to be in German. That's why you wouldn't find any translations of our forms.

If you are not interested in co-production but looking for technical assistance, please contact the homepage of Zurich Film Commission (FilmOffice).

General aims
The Zurich Filmfund (Zürcher Filmstiftung) was founded in November 2004 - after a convincing «Yes for the cinema» by a votation of the Zurich people. Our founder-members are the Canton of Zurich, the City of Zurich, all other municipalities in the Canton and the association «Zürich für den Film».
It's the first regional Fund in Switzerland and we are committed to support writers, directors, producers and distributors. Our target is to support film business on a high professional level in Zurich. With an annual business volume of about CHF 11 million we finance projects and we support filmmakers in all their needs.
Our focus is in assisting script development, production and distribution of cinema films – fiction, documentaries, shorts, animations and experimentals. We also support projects in co-production with foreign partners, and – only in special cases – TV movies Nevertheless, the film foundation limits itself not only to the support of projects, but tries to deepen the exchange between the people involved with complementary offers. Together with the film award night «Cadrage» two other occasions stand in the centre: the «First Pitch» for young authors and the co-production meetings. 

Conditions of eligibility / Rules for funding
Eligible to apply are directors and producers which are resident in the canton of Zurich. With an application higher than CHF 100'000 the company must be registrated in the commercial register.
Only co-production contracts which fulfil the minimum standards concerning rights and duties are accepted. The recoupment must correspond to the financing shares. While producing a movie you have to spend at least 150% of the financial contribution for employing local creatives and filmmakers or for production facilities in the Canton of Zurich (so-called «Zurich effect»).
Subsidies are normaly limited to 50% of the Swiss share of production costs. The whole financing plan must be proved within 12 months after the covenant of the subsidy. 

Kind of supports / Minimum and maximum amount
Contribution for scriptwriters «Werkbeitrag» (max. CHF 30’000)
Development (max. CHF 100’000)
Production (max. 50% or CHF 1 m [1'000'000])
Distribution (max. CHF 30'000)

Coproduction conditions
Project must be aimed at the region as well as concerning the contents or the production.
Minority-projects can be submitted, however, the essential financing of the main partner should be already confirmed.
No broadcaster is required for theatrical films. And TV-Productions are not supported.
For documentary films the shooting can be in process when applying.
The «Zurich effect» should be at least 150%, but can be higher for minority-projects.

About the rights
All production subsidies are interest-free loans. The conditions of repay are fixed in an individual contract.
The Zurich Filmfund demands no rights in the film and is not defined as a co-producer.
For further informations please contact our office: +41 (0)43 960 35 35 or info[a]filmstiftung.ch